Balustrades and handrails made of stainless steel

    Balustrades and handrails made of stainless steel is a product of the highest quality, which is characterized by high resistance to atmospheric factors, so they last for years. Our products are made in brushed version (cut) and polished (shiny).

    We focus on the aesthetic appearance and good quality of our products. We care about the safety and convenience of our customers using modern technologies of production and assembly.

Ramps for disabled

    We provide ramps for disabled on the ready ground with cobblestones, concrete, steel, and whole structures, balustrades and handrails. Our ramps are made in accordance with applicable building regulations, keeping the highest safety standards

Technological installations, machinery and equipment

    We provide technological installations for the enterprises of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We design and build simple machines and equipment. We make custom details trying to solve every problem.

We offer welding of stainless steel in the field.


    Our stairs are made in single-beam version, double-beam and according to individual projects. For structures we use stainless steel or structural steel. We combine stainless steel with various materials such as glass, wood, plastic, marble and granite.

    Our stairs are designed using special computer programs which ensure exact implementation and safety.

Pool equipment

    We design and manufacture pool covers, ladders, stairs and benches (jacuzzi).

   Pool accessories are made of the highest quality stainless steel (316L), which provides resistance to chlorine and provides lasting for long years.

Untypical Orders

    Each order is treated individually, with passion and imagination. We try to cope every challenge.

    We realize the original interior design and everyday items such as hangers, stands for wood, fireplaces, tables, bookstand, grills, etc.


    For the most demanding customers we are able to make or create objects with original shapes and surprising appearance.

   Hand carved details, made entirely of stainless steel are characterized by very high aesthetics. They can be a beautiful decoration of unusual and unique interiors.